Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Joma 2009/2010 Honduras Home Jersey

Joma presents the new Honduras Home jersey (launched with a new Away jersey as well), which has some nice details which are worth mentioning. To start with, the shirt is a bit of a throwback to a few decades ago when Honduras wore a big H as part of their federation logo. This shirt incorporate both an embroidered H as well as the modern official federation logo, also embroidered.

On the left sleeve there is a metallic/plastic version of the Honduran federation badge, as well as a nice detail inspired by the Honduran flag. Blue stripes with 5 stars. Taken right from the national flag, the five stars signify the Federal Republic of Central America, an entity that only existed for nearly 20 years at the start of the 1800's. In an attempt to create a republic similar to the United States, the Central American countries of Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua joined together. They couldn't overcome their differences in the long run and ended up splitting up. The Honduran flag kept the stars, maybe in hope of one day reuniting?

Back to the shirt, the inside of the bottom hem on the jersey has an inscription that reads: "Go Forward National Team, Play with Heart and Force(?), Enthusiasm and Decisiveness."

The inside of the neck has a pattern made up of the Honduran federation logo.

The shirt itself features an interesting weave that on the back spells out "Honduras". I'm sure the technical description of the shirt says these weaves are to help wick away perspiration or something. In reality it's a nice subtle touch on the shirt that Joma has used on several shirts this season, like Sevilla.

The weave design is also used on the front but instead of the name Honduras, they wove in stars and stripes to replicate the flag.

They also took the time to embroider the word "Honduras" on the back of the collar, just in case you were still confused as to what country this shirt was from.

The most interesting touch in our opinion is the applied badge at the bottom of the shirt. It reads "Official Jersey - Road to World Cup South Africa 2010" with the official South Africa 2010 logo. This will definitely get the attention of soccer jersey collectors.

We are offering 4 players on these shirts:
Wilson Palacios:

David Suazo:

Amado Guevara:

Maynor Figueroa:

We also have received the new away jersey. Click here to see all the new Honduras jerseys we are offering.


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