Friday, January 23, 2009

adidas 08/09 Palmeiras Track Jacket

Palmeiras is one of the biggest clubs in Brazil, and some would argue it's one of the biggest clubs in the world. In 1951 Brazil hosted the Copa Rio, considered to be the first ever intercontinental club tournament. Palmeiras ended up beating Juventus of Italy in the two-legged final, therefore claiming to be the first ever world club champion.

New from adidas, 2008/2009 Palmeiras Hooded Jacket. Full zip jacket with embroidered Palmeiras club badge on the chest, and applied felt SE Palmeiras across the front. SE stands for Sociedade Esportiva.

On the hood you'll find the original club logo adopted by Palmeiras when they were founded in 1914. The club was founded by four men from Italy and the original name was Palestra Italia (Italy Gymnasium). During World War II, the dictator of Brazil ordered the club to change it's name to a more "allies" friendly name. With the new name, Palmeiras, came the new logo.

Down the back of the jacket are the trademarked three stripes of adidas.

Perhaps the most interesting detail on the jacket is a tag that's sewn on the inside near the bottom of the front. The tag reads:

Palmeiras is a Brazilian football team from Sao Paulo, founded in 1914. Originally named Societa Sportiva Palestra Italia, they changed to their current name in September 1942. Continues to be one of the most popular, traditional and victorious Brazlian clubs. In 1999 the club was named by the Federacao Paulista de Futebol as "Champion of the 20th Century". In Brazil in addition, they won the "Copa Rio" Championship in 1951, which was the precursor tournament to the Club World Cup. Many consider this the 1st Club World Cup championship ever.

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Caio Benvindo said...

Palmeiras is my life...

Felipe Virolli said...

Palmeiras is the first club world champion. The official name of the cup is "International Tournament Champions Clubs". read more in or

Diego Willians said...

Palmeiras minha vida é voce!
parmera eterno!

Palmeiras is my life!

abc said...

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